We were founded as “Apartment Data Center” in 1969. Originally, our organization operated as a tenant referral service, matching apartment owners with renters. It also published “The Apartment Guide,” a free booklet for prospective renters. While Apartment Data Center earned revenue from landlords who acquired tenants through our service or advertised in The Apartment Guide, the biggest treasure of Apartment Data Center was the knowledge it mined about the needs, tendencies, behaviors and motivations of renters. Ultimately we became one of the premiere property management companies in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Today, Milestone manages over 30 properties with over 1,200 units from Southwest Washington to Salem, Oregon. Forty-seven years after the founding of “Apartment Data Center,” we are still committed to understanding rental residents better than anyone else. We believe our emphasis on market data and leveraging state-of-the-art market surveys to keep our fingers on the pulse of the needs, desires, behaviors and motivations of our customers has been the secret to our longevity.


At Milestone, our mission is to transcend routine service for our clients and to help them meet and exceed their goals for their properties. For residents, our goal is to deliver just the right setting for their lives. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Successful communities depend on happy, thriving residents for stability and growth and these residents crave a better environment. This is why “bringing good people to great places” is not just a slogan, it is a mantra. Success for our clients and happiness for our residents are tethered to good people and great places.


Our philosophy is to adapt our operations to the goals of our clients and needs of our residents rather than force our clients and residents to adapt to the way we do things. For instance, while traditional property management companies are laser-focused on gross receipts (that is the metric of their compensation), we pay even closer attention to net operating income, the variable which better determines property valuation and cash flow. While other property management companies put a premium on internal rental and tenant histories to plan capital improvements and future rents, we constantly conduct extensive, state-of-the-art market surveys and most importantly we listen to our residents to truly understand their needs and desires to better inform us on how to build the value proposition both residents and owners are seeking. We have been a data-driven company from our roots. This is why we never stop asking our owners about their needs or learning about the needs of our tenants. We are better because we are curious.

Our Edge

Our client and customer focus is unparalleled. We understand the fundamentals- that the residents pay the bills and if they find the property and like the property, they will be happy to reward us and the owners in kind. So while we may do things differently, our methods of operation are intrinsically rooted in what the client needs and the customer wants. This is why we work with our owners to craft short-term, mid-term and long-term strategies and not only provide regularly updated reports, but also welcome them to weekly operational meetings to keep them updated on the state of the market and its effects on their specific goals. This is also why we are dogs on a bone with our market surveys and resident communication. No one knows Portland and SW Washington renters better than we do.

What Is Different

It didn’t happen overnight. Over the past few years while operating under new leadership we grew into a new name. We adopted the name “Milestone” because “Canyon” no longer fit us. Canyons are static. They are expansive, but they are also immobile and reflect business as usual. We haven’t operated as such in a very long time. We have been aggressively improving the performance of our communities to the benefit of both our owners and residents, making places better and attracting good people. We take pride in the communities we have turned around, the value we have added to the portfolios of all of our clients and the happiness we have spread to our tenants. A “milestone” by definition is an important point in progress or development. We have actively been hitting such important points over the years. We are no longer canyon-esque- the same as we were and the same as we will always be. We are pioneering and marking new heights. We are Milestone.

Our Promise to Our Client

We will understand your goals and be your partner in achieving them. We will never assume you are like every other client, that your property is like any other, and that your needs never change. We will manage your property according to your goals and we will treat it like it is ours. We will take on all of the daily burdens and make sure you enjoy the fruits of your investment. You worked so hard to get here. Now it is our turn to work hard for you.

Our Promise to Our Resident

We exist because of you and that will not be forgotten for even a moment. Maintenance and repairs will always be timely. You have called a property we manage home, and we will work hard to not only earn that distinction, but to maintain it. We value you and will make sure that sentiment is felt.

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