An App-y Phone For A Happy Home!

Welcome to your new apartment! The excitement of living somewhere new and comfy an all thanks to your smart phone that probably helped you find it.You sent pictures to your friends and family and bragged about it on social media. On the day you moved in, you used your phone to find that nearby coffee shops, the nearest grocery store to stock the empty refrigerator, and the utility companies so you can get your cable installed. That analog world is long gone, baby!

From the search, to the packing, to the lugging; moving is daunting. Luckily that next phase, settling in, is much more fun. Once again, your smart phone can deliver a few great apps to turn your apartment into your domain.



TaskRabbit is an app that will pair you with a person who will assemble, lift or even stand in line for you at the DMV for a small fee. They can help you reorganize your new place so you can get rid of all those boxes that have been piling up. Didn’t think you had so much from living at your last place did ya? So if you need assistance like installing your new bed you had just bought to rearranging your room check out TaskRabbit!




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Sortly is an app where the more clutter the better. Sortly can help you from de-cluttering your apartment to creating a inventory for you Star Wars collection that you never want to get rid of. The app let’s you create an inventory where you will be able to create categorizes to your liking. When moving you can print our a QR code for each box you pack , so it can make it much easier for you to organize your boxes by room. Cause no one has time to get a black marker and write MISC. That could be anything!


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It’s Tuesday night and you find yourself just standing in front of your fridge trying to figure out some kinds of concoction to make? Trying to create a mixture of various ingredients is where Yummly comes to the rescue! Yummly creates recipes based on the ingredients you have. If you have nothing but baking soda in your fridge Yummly will create a grocery list for you so you won’t go hungry!



Tody up! Most people don’t have time to tidy up. Especially if you work around the clock at abstract hours. Therefore, we find is hard to find time to keep your place squeaky clean. Tody is the app that creates a list of chores by priority. How often does the toilet needs to be clean? Intermittently you can customize how often. What’s neat about this app is that you can share it with that roommate that’s always avoid conversations. Getting together with your roommate via app so you can share task and the take care responsibilities it takes live in a Tody up environment!



OurHome is a lot alike Tody, but more suitable for families. Trying to get that teenager of yours to participate in doing laundry or the dishes? Well, this app allows you to create a task for your young ones. You can is an award system to reach goals like IPad time or video game exposure. If you need your oldest to pick up groceries you can also use OurHome to instantly share your grocery list. Don’t forget your youngest kiddo’s soccer game next Saturday, because it can remind you and also share family events!


If you have any apps you would like to tell your community apartment experience a little easier, please share it with us at


Milestone Santa Visit 2019: Santa Claus came to Milestone

‘Tis the fourth annual Milestone Giving event. Santa made his list and checked it twice and then drove his sleigh to Covington Square Apartments in Aloha and Somerset West Apartments in Tanasbourn, and to Sawyer Pointe Apartments in Scappoose to spread some Christmas cheer to a few families who needed a more spirit this holiday season.

We put the word out to all of our managers and residents. We wanted to know who was experiencing hard times. Last year we helped six families. This year, our outreach extended to 8 households in Scappoose, Gresham, Portland, Aloha and Tanasbourn. We are lucky to have truly good, residents.

As we head into 2020

Let’s remember, whether you are a resident, client, employee, friend or relative, we are in the community business. A community is strong when its bonds are strong. Let us not forget this when it is not the holiday season.  We are committed to always improving our communities. This starts with caring, loving our neighbors, and building relationships.







Mold & Mildew: The Battle Plan

Kent the Maintenance Gent discusses mold and mildew in the apartment

By Kent the Maintenance Gent

Are there shitake mushrooms growing next to your bath tub? Maybe you are a gourmet chef or maybe you have serious mildew and mold issues. If you are a gourmet chef, I have to question why you would grow those mushrooms in your bathroom. If you’re not a gourmet chef, then welcome to the Pacific Northwest and please read on.

First, the health concerns. You know those pharmaceutical commercials where they spend most of the ad rattling off the most gruesome side effects? Well, it’s not quite as scary as those commercials, but reactions do range from usually mild to occasionally severe. They include sneezing, runny nose, eye irritation, cough, congestion, headaches, asthma and rashes. Even a minor reaction can be a nuisance so learning how to conquer the spore is worth it.


The 1st Rule Of Fight Club Mold Prevention: Air Circulation.

  • Keep your doors open, windows cracked and fans running, especially when there is moisture in the air.
  • When showering, use a ventilation fan (known in the industry as a “fart fan”) so the moisture in the air has a way to discharge.
  • Keep ventilation space around your furniture.
  • Don’t live the cluttered life: try to keep your home neat and organized. Those old newspapers can be recycled… the horoscopes are no longer relevant anyway.


The 2nd Rule For Dominating Mildew & Mold: Mold Control.

  • Vacuum regularly to pick up mold spores and prevent the growth of mold.
  • Wipe up moisture and excessive condensation immediately.
  • Consider a dehumidifier, especially when the weather gets cool and damp.


Rule 3: Living The Dry Life.

  • Keep the heat on. Cooler rooms tend to create condensation which makes mold happy and you sad. But if you need to use a space heater, stick to electric heaters that have ventilation.
  • Be mindful of mold friends. Do you have a lot of houseplants or fish tanks? If so there may be fungus among us.
  • Turn certain marathons into sprints. If you are cooking or doing laundry all day, you probably have a home that is on the moist side. Cover your pots, don’t boil water for too long, use the ventilation fan and do your in-home laundry in smaller chunks. If you do need to cook a daylong feast, at least crack window and invite over a maintenance gent.

Keep it dry!

Kent the Maintenance Gent


Picture Perfect: Tips to Top Pics

Remember when a picture had to be planned? When cameras needed film and you only had them handy when you were on vacation or at a special event? We also have a hard time remembering those days. Having a smartphone with a quality digital camera embedded in it has become quite a widespread luxury, but few of us know how to take advantage of this new norm when it comes to taking pictures of apartment homes. So we took our curiosity online to find those one or two things we can do to really make a difference.

Seeing the Light- The most common tip we see is minding the light. Natural light is preferred but when this is unavailable for an indoor shot, use what you’ve got! Open windows, shades and blinds to get whatever sunlight is available. Inside cabinets or in dark corners turn on any lighting available or bring your own.

Sawyer Pointe- Picture with great outdoor lighting with flowering tree.

Jefferson Place living room2- Picture from corner with great natural light

Stage It- Staging a vacant apartment with furniture is not always realistic. It takes a lot of resources and logistics. If you are blessed with the ability to pull it off, that can lead to some great photos. If you cannot, you can still make sure debris is removed, and there are no unwanted or out of place items in the background like a waste basket or tool box. Be aware of angles that would highlight cracks in the sidewalk, an unsightly parked car or a burnt out light bulb and don’t use them. Also, look for props that add warmth like flowers. Remember, this is all about creating an experience for the viewer. A big window with flowers on the sill will look a lot more compelling than a room with a bucket of paint in the corner.


Image result for staging apartments


It’s Not About You- Are there mirrors or windows in the picture? That’s fine. As long as your reflection isn’t in them. The lease doesn’t say you are included with the apartment, does it?


Image result for mirrors in apartments



Cornering the Market- Take pictures from the corners of the rooms so you could see more walls and make the rooms look larger. Also, try taking pictures from different angles. See what the room looks like if you take the picture from a lower perspective.


Image result for photo taken from of apartment showing room


While you may not have the word “photographer” on your business card or LinkedIn profile, you can still point and shoot with confidence. So fire away!




Why We Changed Our Name to Milestone

Effective May 1, 2016 “Canyon Property Management” began operating as “Milestone Property Management.”

According to its principal, Tim Lee, it was important for the name to align with the company. “Nothing screams ‘set in stone’ or ‘business as usual’ more than a ‘canyon.’ The name ‘Canyon Property Management’ just wasn’t a symbolic fit with how we operate. We always pursue ways to improve our communities benefiting both our owners and residents. I am proud of our role in turning around communities, the value we have added to the portfolios of all of our clients and the ‘pride of place’ we have instilled in our tenants. We found ourselves hitting new milestones and it seemed natural to change our name to ‘Milestone Property Management’ to reflect that.”

Going forward, Lee says, the Portland and Southwest Washington regions are going to face unique challenges in the multifamily housing industry. Migration patterns, rent trends, supply fluctuations and apartment offerings have been changing at break-neck speed over the past few years and they are expected to continue changing at such a pace for the foreseeable future.

“At Milestone, we believe the secret to longevity is knowledge and preparation. Our command of market data has allowed us to respond swiftly to changes, often anticipating them before they occur, and we believe that it will continue to guide us through a business environment that requires players to be nimble in order to succeed,” Lee says.

Lee connects the emphasis on understanding tenants with the new service, Apartment Genie PDX, since it provides Milestone with more opportunities to ask prospects about their needs and learn about them. It shifts the process into an exercise about the tenant instead of one that commonly focuses on the property or vacancy.

“You cannot replace real service with an app,” says Lee. “Technology is great, but it will never replace someone who really cares.

“We always need to be progressing, pioneering and hitting new heights. This is just another instance where we are evolving for the better instead of just going through the motions. That is why we are Milestone.”