Our Technology Advantage

We use cutting edge tools in every phase of our business to efficiently manage and thoroughly market your properties for you.

  • Market Data- We have spent over 40 years perfecting our market surveys to keep our fingers on the pulse of the renters in our markets. We are quick to identify changes in price points, the premiums that various features bring, rental behaviors and other market shifts.
  • Professional Screening Services- We use a premium screening service to ensure the residents occupying your property pass appropriate background searches and credit checks.
  • Advertising- We use special tools to promote your properties on multiple online platforms to expose potential tenants to your property through their desktops, tablets and smartphones. We also use social media to maximize our inroads to your prospects.
  • Owner Reports- We use AppFolio Property Manager to securely give you “anytime, anywhere” access to your owner reports so you can always obtain the performance of your property within a few clicks.
  • Collecting Rents Online- Residents can pay their rent online from their desktops or mobile devices.
  • Submitting Maintenance Requests- Tenants can also initiate and submit work-orders online from their personal computers or mobile devices to help us efficiently resolve any maintenance issues as they arise.
  • Streamlined Operations- We use several tools to make our operations more efficient including a property operations hub powered by AppFolio, an intranet file sharing system powered by Microsoft, and we leverage various time and project management software tools to eliminate inefficiencies.

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