Snowlandia 2017: We worked, we had fun, we made ’em smile!

Snowlandia 2017 photo-blog

What a crazy week we had there, huh Portland? We hope that many of you had an opportunity to have a little fun sledding, throwing snowballs, making snowmen and possibly even making your own igloo (see below… there is a photographic evidence of the snow inspiring someone’s inner-engineer). Hopefully, you also had an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the white snow clinging to tree branches, landscapes of marshmallow fluff, and icicles shimmering in clusters hanging from the rooftops. We do not get too many storms like this. And while it may have caused some occasional hardships, it hopefully also provided some great memories.

Here is how we’re going to remember Snowlandia 2017:


Snowlandia 2017_Milestone Property Management Corporate Office

The Milestone Property Management Corporate Office when the snow first fell.



Snowlandia 2017_Shovelers 2

We conquered the lot.


Snowlandia 2017_Snowman

Snowlandia 2017: Our owners and residents are all smiles because, as always, Milestone comes through no matter what craziness is dealt our way!


Snowlandia 2017_Jefferson Place landscape in Woodland WA

Jefferson Place in Woodland emerged from the storm with the most picturesque scenery.


Snowlandia 2017_Igloo 1

Snowlandia 2017_Igloo 2

At a park near Washington Square Apartments (SW Portland near Tigard), an igloo was built. Rumor has it this studio has washer and dryer hookups!


Snowlandia 2017_Irvington Court and Plaza

When a picture perfect opportunity arises at Irvington Court/Irvington Plaza in NE Portland, we make our beautiful winter photos look extra fancy!


Snowlandia 2017_27th East

During the storm, 27th East in trendy SE Portland wore the snow like it was a scene in a Norman Rockwell painting.

Washington Square Apartments_Snowlandia 2017_Sign

Washington Square Apartments_Snowlandia 2017_Courtyard

During Snowlandia 2017, Washington Square Apartments in Portland near Tigard donned the snow in its beautiful courtyard.


Snowlandia 2017_Cottonwood Court

Snowlandia 2017_Cottonwood Court

When the snow fell, Cottonwood Court in Vancouver WA embraced it.


Snowlandia 2017_Cedar Lane

Snowlandia 2017_Cedar Lane

During Snowlandia 2017, Cedar Lane in Vancouver WA also made it one for the memory books.


Snowlandia 2017_Mt Pleasant

At Mt Pleasant in Oregon City, hot cocoa on a day like this is worth more per ounce than gold!


Snowlandia 2017_Hilltop Court

The weather outside is frightful, but the air in here’s delightful, if at Hilltop Court (Oregon City) there’s no place to go… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Snowlandia 2017_Orchardview

Meanwhile, at Orchardview in Salem, OR, there was less than an inch. All of our non-Salem properties are collecting snowballs and are preparing to invade!


Snowlandia 2017_Arbor Place

Arbor Place in SE Portland near Gresham received a healthy amount of snow as well during the historic storm.


Snowlandia 2017_Cove 13 Sign

Snowlandia 2017_Cove 13 2

When the snow came, COVE 13 in Vancouver WA waltzed with Jack Frost!

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