Let’s Spread Some Joy

Joy and holiday spirit are important commodities this time of year. Now is when we turn to the ones we love to celebrate with, give to, and lean on. Whether you are a resident, a manager, a maintenance technician or an owner, Somerset West office in winter spread joy Portland Property Managementwe are one community. While some may look away when a neighbor in need could use a helping hand, that is not us. Hence, our mission is to deliver holiday joy to those who need it the most.


Because some of our neighbors face hard times during the holidays, they need community support in a big way. Therefore, if someone in our community could use a hand this holiday season, let us know. You can notify your manager, send us an email or mail us a letter. There is also a form below you can use. Whether the relief requires a large lift or a small one, we will do our best to provide meaningful support.

Somerset West winter field spread joy Portland Property Management

You are not only the reason for having a great community, you are also the reason why we’re a great community. Therefore, we would like to thank you for being such an important part of our lives. Also, thank you for helping us spread joy and love to those around us.

Happy Holidays!

Milestone Property Management



P.S.- On another note, please report any weather related maintenance issues as they occur. Most of all, stay safe during inclement weather. Finally, have a wonderful holiday season and may 2017 Kent the Maintenance Gent with Santa Hat. Milestone Property Management- Portland Property Management.bring much joy and happiness to you and your loved ones.

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