Jefferson Place living room2- Picture from corner with great natural lightRemember when a picture had to be planned? When cameras needed film and you only had them handy when you were on vacation or at a special event? We also have a hard time remembering those days. Having a smartphone with a quality digital camera embedded in it has become quite a widespread luxury, but few of us know how to take advantage of this new norm when it comes to taking pictures of apartment homes. So we took our curiosity online to find those one or two things we can do to really make a difference.

Seeing the Light- The most common tip we see is minding the light. Natural light is preferred but when this is unavailable for an indoor shot, use what you’ve got! Open windows, shades and blinds to get whatever sunlight is available. Inside cabinets or in dark corners tuSawyer Pointe- Picture with great outdoor lighting with flowering tree.rn on any lighting available or bring your own.

Stage It- Staging a vacant apartment with furniture is not always realistic. It takes a lot of resources and logistics. If you are blessed with the ability to pull it off, that can lead to some great photos. If you cannot, you can still make sure debris is removed, and there are no unwanted or out of place items in the background like a waste basket or tool box. Be aware of angles that would highlight cracks in the sidewalk, an unsightly parked car or a burnt out light bulb and don’t use them. Also, look for props that add warmth like flowers. Remember, this is all about creating an experience for the viewer. A big window with flowers on the sill will look a lot more compelling than a room with a bucket of paint in the corner.

It’s Not About You- Are there mirrors or windows in the picture? That’s fine. As long as your reflection isn’t in them. The lease doesn’t say you are included with the apartment, does it?

Cornering the Market- Take pictures from the corners of the rooms so you could see more walls and make the rooms look larger. Also, try taking pictures from different angles. See what the room looks like if you take the picture from a lower perspective.

While you may not have the word “photographer” on your business card or LinkedIn profile, you can still point and shoot with confidence. So fire away!

Posted by: milestonepropertymanagement on June 20, 2016
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