Effective May 1, 2016 “Canyon Property Management” began operating as “Milestone Property Management.”

According to its principal, Tim Lee, it was important for the name to align with the company. “Nothing screams ‘set in stone’ or ‘business as usual’ more than a ‘canyon.’ The name ‘Canyon Property Management’ just wasn’t a symbolic fit with how we operate. We always pursue ways to improve our communities benefiting both our owners and residents. I am proud of our role in turning around communities, the value we have added to the portfolios of all of our clients and the ‘pride of place’ we have instilled in our tenants. We found ourselves hitting new milestones and it seemed natural to change our name to ‘Milestone Property Management’ to reflect that.”

Going forward, Lee says, the Portland and Southwest Washington regions are going to face unique challenges in the multifamily housing industry. Migration patterns, rent trends, supply fluctuations and apartment offerings have been changing at break-neck speed over the past few years and they are expected to continue changing at such a pace for the foreseeable future.

“At Milestone, we believe the secret to longevity is knowledge and preparation. Our command of market data has allowed us to respond swiftly to changes, often anticipating them before they occur, and we believe that it will continue to guide us through a business environment that requires players to be nimble in order to succeed,” Lee says.

Lee connects the emphasis on understanding tenants with the new service, Apartment Genie PDX, since it provides Milestone with more opportunities to ask prospects about their needs and learn about them. It shifts the process into an exercise about the tenant instead of one that commonly focuses on the property or vacancy.

“You cannot replace real service with an app,” says Lee. “Technology is great, but it will never replace someone who really cares.

“We always need to be progressing, pioneering and hitting new heights. This is just another instance where we are evolving for the better instead of just going through the motions. That is why we are Milestone.”

Posted by: milestonepropertymanagement on May 10, 2016
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